2013, 17 minutes, doc

“But here is the thing, if a guy is a writer and wants to write about his reality, this reality will be impregnated by the fact that he is a writer”.
(‘The João Gilberto Consert on Rio de Janeiro’, by Sérgio Sant’Anna, 1982)

André is Sérgio’ son, both two of the greatest writers in Brazil.


with André and Sérgio Sant'Anna

Direction: Angelo Defanti
Production: Angelo Defanti, Felippe Schultz Mussel e Joana Luz
Cinematography: Joana Luz
Editing: Paulo F. Camacho
Sound: Felippe Schultz Mussel
Sound editing and Mixing: Daniel Turini
Original score: Bruno Di Lullo
Assistant camera: Amara Barroso e Matheus Cury
Design: Thiago Lacaz
Support: JKL, Fagulha Filmes, Mira Filmes and Calibre Filmes