Meia Hora and the Headlines that Become Headlines

2014, 80 minutes, doc

In Meia Hora, a Rio de Janeiro tabloid of amusing headlines and controversial news approach, regular story descriptions give way to sensationalist slang overuse. In it a criminal in hiding is “in the hole”, a living criminal “terrorizes” and a dead criminal “is going to meet the reaper”; when the police invades it “swipes out”, and when they open fire they “pump them full of lead”; prison is better known as “lock-up” or “cooler”; a thief is a “punk”, a rapist a “monster”, and beautiful women are named after fruit, strawberry, watermelon, apple and cherry.


Direction: Angelo Defanti
Production: Angelo Defanti, Bárbara Defanti and Felippe Schultz Mussel
Editing: Bernardo Jucá
Cinematography: José Eduardo Limongi
Original score: Gustavo Monteiro
Animation: Estúdio MOL / Rafael Müller
Sound Designer: Daniel Turini and Fernando Henna
Sound: Felippe Schultz Mussel
Online colouring: Fabrício Batista
Additional editing: Eduardo Aquino

Production: Sobretudo Produção
Distribuição: Boulevard Filmes