The Best Age

2011, 14 minutes, fic

My name is Antenor, I have 70 years old and a wound in the leg. I had to choose between the medication for diabetes and the cable TV payments. I chose the TV. At seventy who needs legs?


Cast: José Wilker, Liliana Castro, Átila Calache and Miguel Arraes

Direction: Angelo Defanti
Production: Angelo Defanti, Bárbara Defanti, Felippe Schultz Mussel and Maria Flor Brazil
Screenplay: Marco Borges
Cinematography: Pedro Urano
Edited by: Eva Randolph
Sound design by: Felippe Schultz Mussel and Bernardo Uzeda
Art direction: Fernanda Teixeira and Yves Moura
Original score: Bernardo Uzeda
Assistant director: Eduardo Ades
Costume design: Marcelle Darrieux
Makeup: Sandra Augusto
Color grading: Fabrício Batista
Sound assistants: Eliélson Amaral and Vampiro

Awards and festivals:
. Best actor (José Wilker) 39o Festival de Cinema de Gramado 2011
. Best Film Oficial Jury and Audience Award at 3o Curta Carajás/PA 2011
. Best art direction 7o Curta Canoa/CE 2011
. Audience Award at Festival de Cinema de Mogi Mirim/SP 2012
. Best actor (José Wilker) at 9oFestCineAmazônia/RO 2011
. Best actor (José Wilker) at 2o Festival de Cinema de Petrópolis 2011
. 38a Jornada de Cinema da Bahia 2011
. 9o Curta Santos 2011
. FESTin - Festival de Cinema da Língua Portuguesa/Lisbon, Portugal 2013
. 11o Curta SE 2011
. Festival Guarnicê de Cinema 2011
. 8oFestAruanda/PB 2012